About us

Future Development Services

Future Development Services (FDS) was established with one purpose: empower businesses in Saudi Arabia by upskilling their workforce.

Given the dearth of high-quality and personalized training and development programs in Saudi Arabia, we took it upon ourselves to empower workforces and, in turn, businesses.

Companies that invest in employee training have highly engaged employees and see 24% higher profits than companies that don’t. That’s not all. One of the top reasons employees decide to leave a company is the lack of growth, training, and development. Yes, that’s right.

Future Development Services bridges the gap between businesses navigating the tricky waters of the dynamic corporate world and employees trying to achieve their full potential.

We equip employees with state-of-the-art knowledge and technical skills, enabling them to stay at the forefront of their careers and be more motivated and capable to face the challenges head-on.

We have been working with all levels of employees across industries, helping them achieve improved productivity, all the while unlocking professional growth throughout Saudi Arabia since 2006.


FDS is dedicated to setting up businesses in Saudi Arabia for success by creating high-performance workplaces through holistic training and development of employees.


To create workforces of the future that are highly productive, innovative, skilled, crisis-resistant, and adaptable to change.

Our values

Everything we do is shaped by our core values of client-centricity, empathy, integrity, and diversity.