About Us

Future Development Services Ltd. (FDS) is a specialist professional services company providing consulting and training solutions to a wide range of clients, and to that effect, we are responding to specific demands of each client. These include, but not limited to, delivering innovative solutions that enable our clients to foster entrepreneurship driven work environment. We have recognized that the profession looks far beyond consulting and training in its quest to: “create a knowledge based society and a world that works better”.

Since its inception in the year 2006, FDS has delivered numerous consulting and training programs that are globally recognized. Future Development Services Ltd. has striven hard to deliver exceptional services to its clients at international standards, and thus became well recognized in a very short span of time.


We deliver exceptional services to our valuable clients through our professional consulting and training teams.


To provide our client with long term, yet sustainable, strategic solutions to business challenges at every level of an organization.

Our values

To be trustworthy, confident, and inspirational to our clients, suppliers, partners, and the communities at large. We value the services of our clients within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of citizenship.

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