HSE Consulting:

Our partner DEKRA Organisational Reliability Ltd, Leading with Safety® approach, based on a validated model that defines the elements that influence safety outcomes, helps organizations connect employees at every level for a world-class performance. Our focus and project management discipline ensure that our clients are set up for success at each step of the process.

The Blueprint for Safety Transformation is a conceptual model that shows the key elements needed for sustainable safety excellence:
The Working Interface: This is where exposure to injury occurs — where people come together with equipment, facilities, and the processes through which work gets done.
Safety Enabling Systems: These are the systems used to identify and eliminate or mitigate exposure.
Organizational Sustaining Systems: These systems or business processes help assure that safety enabling systems are used as intended, but are not specific to safety.
Culture: Often described as “the way we do things in this organization”, culture influences the day-to-day effectiveness of both enabling and sustaining systems.
Leadership: Placed at the top of the model, leadership drives culture and influences the design and use of enabling and sustaining systems

HSE Consulting

HR Consulting :

Competency Management System –  CMS

Competency Management System CMS is a disciplined approach to workforce management. Customized to the goals and culture of each organization, our CMS ensures clients meet their strategic objectives by maximizing their workforce potential. The CMS process consists of three integrated elements: Planning and Design Phase, Implementation Phase and CMS Online.

CMS Online
IHRDC’s comprehensive management, assessment and reporting tool, provides real-time performance indicators to ensure
the CMS implementation is meeting its intended goals. This web-based program covers the entire CMS process from assessment and verification to learning and development. CMS Online allows employees to complete self assessments, enables supervisors to complete assessments of their direct reports, and makes it easy for managers to see the competence level of the entire organization with one click.

Competency Management System

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