HSE Consulting:

Our partner DEKRA Organisational Reliability Ltd, Leading with Safety® approach, based on a validated model that defines the elements that influence safety outcomes, helps organizations connect employees at every level for a world-class performance. Our focus and project management discipline ensure that our clients are set up for success at each step of the process.

The Blueprint for Safety Transformation is a conceptual model that shows the key elements needed for sustainable safety excellence:
The Working Interface: This is where exposure to injury occurs — where people come together with equipment, facilities, and the processes through which work gets done.
Safety Enabling Systems: These are the systems used to identify and eliminate or mitigate exposure.
Organizational Sustaining Systems: These systems or business processes help assure that safety enabling systems are used as intended, but are not specific to safety.
Culture: Often described as “the way we do things in this organization”, culture influences the day-to-day effectiveness of both enabling and sustaining systems.
Leadership: Placed at the top of the model, leadership drives culture and influences the design and use of enabling and sustaining systems.

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