ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Quality Management SystemWhat is ISO 9001? ISO 9001 is a universally recognized quality management system standard designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product/service and supporting and improving that system continually. The standard is continually being [...]

ISO 14001- Environmental Management System

ISO 14001- Environmental Management System What is ISO 14001? ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance. ISO 14001 is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of [...]

ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety What is ISO 45001? For organizations that are serious about improving employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions, there’s ISO 45001. According to the International Labour Organization, more than 7 600 people die from work-related accidents or diseases every single day. That’s why an ISO committee of occupational health [...]

ISO / IEC 17025 – Testing and Calibration Laboratories

ISO / IEC 17025 - Testing and Calibration Laboratories What is ISO/IEC 17025? ISO/IEC 17025 specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories. ISO/IEC 17025 is applicable to all organizations performing laboratory activities, regardless of the number of personnel. Laboratory customers, regulatory authorities, organizations and schemes using peer-assessment, accreditation bodies, [...]

ISO/IEC 27000- Information Security Management

ISO/IEC 27000- Information Security Management What is ISO/IEC 27000? ISO/IEC 27000 provides the overview of information security management systems (ISMS). It also provides terms and definitions commonly used in the ISMS family of standards. This standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organization (e.g. commercial enterprises, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations). A little bit [...]

ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management What is ISO 22000? Whatever their size, or product, all food producers have a responsibility to manage the safety of their products and the well-being of their consumers. That's why ISO 22000 exists. the consequences of unsafe food can be serious. ISO's food safety management standards help organizations identify [...]

ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility What is ISO 26000? For businesses and organizations committed to operating in a socially responsible way, there’s ISO 26000. It provides guidance to those who recognize that respect for society and environment is a critical success factor. As well as being the “right thing” to do, application of ISO 26000 is increasingly viewed as [...]

ISO 55001- Asset Management

ISO 55001- Asset Management What is ISO 55001? ISO 55001 is an asset management system standard, the main objective of which is to help organizations manage the lifecycle of assets more effectively. This framework also supports continual improvement of performance and offers improvements for an organization of any industry, type or size. A little bit of history Since its [...]

ISO 50001 – Energy Management

ISO 50001 - Energy Management What is ISO 50001?A little bit of history For organizations committed to addressing their impact, conserving resources and improving the bottom line through efficient energy management. Designed to support organizations in all sectors, this ISO standard provides a practical way to improve energy use, through the development of an energy [...]

ISO / IEC 17020 – Inspection Bodies Accreditation

ISO / IEC 17020 - Inspection Bodies Accreditation What is ISO/IEC 17020? ISO/IEC 17020 is internationally recognized standard that requirements for the competence of operation of various types of inspection bodies. ISO/IEC 17020 Accreditation process involves an assessment of the agencies competence for performing inspections and the consistency of their inspection activities. A little bit [...]

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