ISO-18436 Vibration Training & Certification

Certification Program:

As is generally known, all specialized trades that can affect a company’s safety and performance are Certified, e.g. welders and inspectors.

Recently, there has been a worldwide trend towards Certifying Vibration Specialists. This move started in the United States, and was pioneered by several Chemical Processing and Oil Companies requesting the certification of their Vibration Specialists to assure their competence in the field, with expected rewards to the company performance and safety record.

The Vibration Institute has established a world-wide Certification program in accordance with ISO 18346 where four categories of Vibration Analysts are currently recognized:

Vibration Analyst – Category I
Vibration Analyst – Category II
Vibration Analyst – Category III
Vibration Analyst – Category IV

FDS-RITEC is pleased to announce that the Vibration Institute Certification exams are conducted regularly in: KSA each year.

  • The exams are prepared and corrected at the Vibration Institute, USA.
  • All Analyst Certificates are issued from the Vibration Institute.

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